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author of Pissing in a RiverSister Safety Pin, and Anxiety Attack



Amanda moves to London with nothing but her guitar and her collection of punk music as the soundtrack to her every step. With the company of a few friendly voices in her head, she looks for—and finds—a best friend and new lover. She forms a band, Lesbian Raincoat, and completely rewrites the story of her life. 

In this irreverently funny yet profound novel, Amanda risks deportation, recalls the fervor of AIDS activism in the US, connects to the class struggle of punk, and finds redemption in love. But she also must confront her own mental illness, her lover's rape, and the violence of post-9/11 politics. Pissing in a River captures the glee and turbulence of surviving the cacophony of modern life.

"Pissing in a River is a love letter to the obsessions that captivated an outcast generation:  punk, politics, passion, and provocation.  Sprecher's smart and fiercely empathic characters evoke the beauty of the chosen family, the shelter from solitude in which they revel together, and the art that keeps them alive."

--MARIA RAHA, author of Cinderella's Big Score:  Women of the Punk and Indie Underground

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“Beautiful and honest, Pissing in a River chronicles the lives of queer activists:  their art, their downfalls, and their epic love stories.”
--CRISTY C. ROAD, author of Spit and Passion and Bad Habits: A Love Story

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“Lorrie Sprecher’s Pissing in a River is testament to the fact that women are not hidden from the world, we’re IN it.  And sometimes we make noise about that.”
--KRISTIN HERSH, lead singer of Throwing Muses and author of Rat Girl


"I said, 'Oh, so you're single?  Are you dating?"​

"Whatever did you say?" Nick asked eagerly.

"When I was in DC Jail," I said, "chatting with a woman in her cell, she told me she'd murdered her girlfriend."